How to Plan an Event: 10 Tips for Success

When it comes to event planning, there’s a right way to do it and a wrong way. For every beautiful event you have ever attended, someone has put tons of painstaking work into making the experience beautiful, smooth, and enjoyable. From the invitations to the RSVP list to the catering and the decorations, there is a ton of planning and effort that goes into it.

event-planning-tipsWhile event planning will not be the most difficult thing you attempt in your life, do not underestimate it! Planning events requires you to have focus, organization, determination, attention to detail, and most importantly, the ability to work within a timeframe. You don’t want to mess up your big event. Luckily, we’re here to help. Read on for our top 10 tips for planning an event successfully, no matter what the size.


1. Begin planning the second you are able.

If you’re tasked with planning a large event, you better believe it’s in your best interest to get the ball rolling ASAP! Especially large events–they need the proper planning that only time can provide. You need to allow extra time for things to go wrong and unexpected details to come up as well.


2. Finalize all contracts four weeks or more before the event.

The more that you have in place before the event and under contract, the better your stress levels will be. Trust us, it’s not fun to scramble to get things done when you should’ve already had them checked off of the list (and time is running out).


3. Give every task a deadline.

Make a list of the things that you have to do and then give each task a deadline. It’ll keep your priority tasks in perspective and allow you to do what you need to in the right order. Bringing order to chaos is tough, but you can do it! Be sure to check things off too.


4. Help your budget by committing to negotiating.

Only a fool accepts the whole price they are given the first time! Understand your budget and see what you can do to work within that, because there will most likely be costs you never saw coming. Some vendors are open to negotiating the final amount– these ones will be your friends.


5. Delegate like you invented it!

Giving tasks to others will make it easier to get everything done, so you should delegate if you have the chance. It can break up work and you’ll be able to tick tasks off the list easily, just like that.


6. Have the invitations done early.

You’ll need to have everyone RSVP ahead of time, so make sure that you have the invitations printed (or digitalized) and ready to go. Guests will get the details of the event this way, so it’s majorly important to get this task done early.


7. Advertise socially.

Letting people know about the party or event online is a great way to double check that everyone’s aware of the event. People can get excited and talk to others! Make a hashtag for the event or just post about the event to keep it on everyone’s mind!


8. Make the big binder.

A big binder is the answer for any event that requires thorough planning. Pick up one at the store and start making your own. Store notes, receipts, and information about the tasks. That way, it’ll all be in one place and available whenever you need it–instead of running around your home and car digging through everything for a copy of Contract A or B.


9. Review the event in your head.

A few weeks before, run through all your event requirements. This is the time to catch any mistakes you have made or things you have forgotten to do! It’s a lifesaver; so don’t forget to run through absolutely everything before it’s too late.


10. Be sure to take pictures– and pat yourself on the back.

You can take photos or have someone take them for you! Either way, document the event. Everyone will be doing so on social media anyway, but having pictures of the event allows you to show everyone what a good time you had and even advertise for next year if it’s an annual event. While you’re at it, don’t forget to take a moment to pat yourself on the back! Planning an event is hard, but you did it. After all that hard work, take a second to enjoy your accomplishment. You did it!