How To Propose To Your Loved One: 5 Tips for Success

1. Use a professional planner, always.how to propose

This is such a big part of the whole process going well. We cannot stress enough that who you hire is going to directly relate to the quality of the photos that you end up having. So, do your homework. Evaluate a few of the total options you have gathered together and see which is best for you. You can’t hire your cousin to do it and then be totally shocked when he doesn’t crouch in the bushes to shoot your engagement because he forgot and is playing video games at home. Go professional! Make sure you have someone that is going to (a) show up and (b) nail the photos!

2. Make sure that the person being proposed to is dressed nicely and has things done (like having a full manicure).

You’re also going to need a reason for why they are dressing nicely and having themselves all gussied up. This can be anything– the easiest thing to say is that you’re going out to a nice place or going to a formal occasion. Name something you know they will dress up for, and check out their outfit beforehand. Make sure it’s an event that they will spend a lot of time getting ready for! Succinctly mention that you are going to pay for her nails to be done too. Just don’t mention you made the appointment already– then she’s really going to be suspicious. If she looks her best, the photos will be amazing. Make sure it’s an outfit they love while being as subtle as possible.

3. If you know you’re proposing ahead of time, spend the time before you propose staying healthy.

This is your chance to actually look the most photogenic you can– and it’s achievable because you are literally the only person that knows about it and can thus plan accordingly. Now’s the time to work out a bit and eat extra healthy. Just don’t do it as drastically as to be suspicious. You’ve got to act as though you woke up one day and felt like being healthy. With any luck, she’ll be inspired too, and you’ll both secretly be working towards looking your best. The photographs will translate your efforts– and remember, a photo is forever. (See tip number five for more on this.)

4. Pick a beautiful location to propose in if you can!

Natural beauty is great– if you can work it in, it’s the best location to propose at. Even a restaurant with an amazing backdrop can be sufficient if you’re proposing on the patio. Keep how the locale will photograph in mind while planning your proposal destination.

5. Make up some event happening in the future if you have to in order to inspire your partner to look their best.

This is a huge white lie and while not for everyone, if your partner is remotely vain at all, you’ll be doing them a favor. Make up an event that is happening one week after the day you plan to propose. Ideally, you have the person or event backed up in some way by a reliable second party. You could get them to agree to a marathon or some imaginary reunion. This works best for non-type A people who are more likely to let things slide or not be too worried but still put some effort into getting in shape for a big event. Make it up and work towards getting leaner and eating healthier together, and you’ll both look really photogenic when the day comes– yes!!!