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Planning an Event in the Summer Season: Our Top Tips

The summer time is a busy season for events! The summer season can be busy and demanding for the most seasoned of planners. Not only do you have to pull together events flawlessly, but you also have to adapt to the unique challenges that the hotter months have to offer. To help you out, we’ve put together our list of top tips for summer event planning. Read on to find out more and help organize the best possible event with maximum efficiency and success. Be Familiar with the Layout of the Venue Failing to be familiar with a venue can… Learn More

How to Communicate An Event Message Through Color

When it comes to your event, could color be the thing holding you back? Paying attention to your event decor could yield you great rewards. Like it or not, humans are visual creatures, and the colors used can really have an effect on how much attention we give them. Just look at fast food chains like McDonald’s or Wendy’s, which utilize red and yellow color schemes to stimulate hunger and ultimately get customers to pull into their drive through. So, how can you use color to send the message you want in an event and achieve your desired results? Working… Learn More

Could An Outdoor Wedding Be In Your Future?

Every bride dreams of how her wedding will be. Most of us know how we want the flowers and details of our weddings to turn out, but what about the venue? There are so many options for where to host your wedding, and for some couples, they just know that they want theirs to be outside. The thing to remember about outdoor rentals is that even if you book the venue, they still may not have all the amenities you need or want for your wedding. Some places may even charge extra for amenities in addition to rental and fees,… Learn More

Check Out These 5 Great Trends for 2017 Events

The trends are always changing, and nowhere is that truer than for the event scene! If you’re interested in finding out the latest event trends in 2017, we’ve got you covered. Check out our following article and you’ll discover all about the event trends that you should take advantage of this year. 1. A High Level of Interaction Having interaction at events is so key! Whether it’s a novelty appeal, games, apps, technology, contests, or more, there are tons of activities you can come up with to increase interaction. Promote an event by having a designated hashtag that guests can… Learn More